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This time it’s Matt Mullenweg. Yes, that Matt Mullenweg.

During one of her late night “just kickin’ it with God” sessions (read “she’s obsessed and her mania causes her not to sleep”), she naturally came to the conclusion that one MattiePoo on Tumblr is, in fact, Matt Mullenweg. It really doesn’t occur to her that these men have much more important things to do than bother with the likes of her. She truly believes she is that important (read more at

Hence, my urging once again for readers of this blog to take a moment to read and sign the petition at It may seem futile but every time this petition is signed, letters are sent to two mental health associations in her local area. At some point, she will get the help she so desperately needs.

Let’s hope it’s not too late.


I’ve been dealing with a stalking, libelous creature for quite some time now. Recently, she’s decided to take her freaking fantasy to a new level – by contacting mental health officials in New Zealand (where she believes I reside) and demanding that I be put into custody.

After much thought, I decided to contact the individuals as well as the organizations she’s been emailing to request that any and all missives be copied on to me. I gave them all my complete information that includes a contact number and personal data that can be verified. I’m happy to say I’m receiving those missives now and they are being compiled and sent to my local authority.

My hope is to have this person’s ISP contacted and have her shut down. She’s cause so much misery. Not just to me but to literally dozens upon dozens of unrelated people on the Internet. She shows no signs of stopping. And when she crossed into libel, she went too far.

Some of the emails sent can be seen on my site. Please feel free to register and leave comments there if you have had to deal with Dawn Gordon and her “special” brand of insanity.

Update: One good piece of news today – she’ll be removing one of the people she’s harassing from her constant barrage of email. Let’s hope she continues!

Second update: For recording purposes, her IP address is and she’s PouringPrint here on WordPress (as well as ChristianCreativity).

Third update: An extensive list (but by no means exhaustive as there are others) of web sites Dawn Gordon has out there on the Internet, please check the blogroll at

Interesting bit of reading at

Basically, the story is about a man who faked being insane so as to get around being sent to prison. The article goes on with information on the analysis of psychopaths. It included:

20-point Hare PCL-R . Which was this:

Item 1 Glibness/superficial charm

Item 2 Grandiose sense of self-worth

Item 3 Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom

Item 4 Pathological lying

Item 5 Cunning/manipulative

Item 6 Lack of remorse or guilt

Item 7 Shallow affect

Item 8 Callous/lack of empathy

Item 9 Parasitic lifestyle

Item 10 Poor behavioural controls

Item 11 Promiscuous sexual behaviour

Item 12 Early behaviour problems

Item 13 Lack of realistic long-term goals

Item 14 Impulsivity

Item 15 Irresponsibility

Item 16 Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Item 17 Many short-term marital relationships

Item 18 Juvenile delinquency

Item 19 Revocation of conditional release

Item 20 Criminal versatility

Each item gets scored with 0, 1, or 2. Very interesting stuff.